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Profile Area

Profile Area


To get to your Profile Area click on the button in the top right of the menu bar.


All Portal Users will have their own Profile area which includes:


  • My Groups – users can find the Campus Groups they are members of
  • My Stream – users can find the News and Content that is relevant to them
  • My Events – users can find the Events that they have either signed up to or have created
  • My Topics – users can create and review their own News and Content
  • My Albums – users can find their own Albums and create Albums, please note that it is always best to create albums in your Campus Groups
  • My Courses – users can find the Courses they have signed up to
  • My Information – users can find and amend their Personal Information
  • My Discussion – user can find their Discussions


Portal users can edit their Profile by clicking on the pen icon in the top left of their personal area or in in the left hand button “Edit Profile”. 


Profile Area


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Edit Profile