MMLP 2020 Projects: Rim Abdoh, Ghana

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DUNK project, Accra, Ghana

My name is Rim Abdoh I’m 27 years old. I am born and raised in Denmark but have Arabic and North African roots. Growing up I used to be very confused i felt like floating between two different cultures that didn’t have much in common. Now I know it was a blessing it is. Denmark is multicultural country where I grew up having friends, students, colleagues from other countries and cultures sharing different opinions than mine and that challenge and expand the way I view and understood the world. I see cultures and differences in general as a fascinating and interesting aspect that should celebrated, I didn’t feel that was the case in Denmark which is why I joined the Mandela Mile Leadership programme in 2020. I couldn’t understand why a country like Denmark, rich in culture couldn’t see its own beauty as much as I could.

For my project I decided to focus on SDG # 10 which is reduced inequality, because no matter how developed Denmark is in technology, infrastructure and economy in culture they still has a long way to go, when people of different backgrounds, beliefs and race was not rejected job positions, not represented and treated and second citizens in the country they are born and raised in. I thought it was about time to do something about it at least in my community. My project idea was inspired by a neighbor of mine that used to never want to greet my family and me, instead we either got the other cheek or an evil look. One day i needed her help desperately so I knocked her door and asked for help (she was not excited, but decided after some seconds to let me in), long story short – Her whole attitude towards me and people like my changed from a small dialogue. And that really hit me, she wasn’t racist she was uninformed all it took was for her to meet the ’different’ she was so scared of and the media can take a bug part of that on them. I decided to hold an event where all people could come and eat together at the time square in Odense, however due to Covid I had to narrow down the target group and adapted to the new restrictions by chosen to start this in my own neighborhood. It was a huge success, we issued some prejudices we had of each other and talking about these matters was very helpful towards understanding each other more resulted in a much better relationship to each. I personally feel much safer and «accepted”. I decided to challenge myself with my own idea, to flip it around and asked myself so who am I uninformed about, with the whole black lives matter I decided to expand my horizon on the African continent and took an internship at GAME collaborating with DUNK in Ghana. I was not personally afraid of the ’different’ in this context, but some of my family was and me going that had the consequence that some of them stopped talking to me. I knew I had to do it, conscious, my religion and all my senses told me to do what was right if not for myself to prove them I care so much about how that they were being unfair and could not see outside their own nose tip. Coming back from Ghana after 3 months I have a different understanding and love for black people and my friends who followed my journey with me through social media want to visit Africa, which they used to talk about as a dangerous, poor place they could never think off as a place to go to. I feel blessed to have that impact on others and hope that more people can join me in connecting the world more together. We have been separated for too long... enough is enough. Two members of Rim’s DUNK youth project, Opoku Agyemang and Barnabas Tinkorangare are now on the 2021 Mandela Mile Leadership Programme (MMLP).

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