Hi All,

I hope you are well! We have an exciting opportunity for young Londoners to develop themselves and make a positive impact to sport in London. Please see below. We are keen to work with London organisations more collaboratively so if you have any young people in your network who you think may benefit, please do pass this on!

LYG33 Leadership Team 2024:

London Youth Games are delighted to announce we are opening applications for a new LYG33 Leadership Team for the 2024 season! LYG are looking for young people to lead a group of passionate 14–24-year-olds who represent their borough and be the voice of young people across London. They will influence the future of the London Youth Games and other key issues impacting young Londoners and sport.

In the past cohorts, the LYG33 group have had personalised tours of BBC Sport Studios, Wimbledon, met professional athletes, spoke on stage at LYG Finals Festival and delivered exciting projects tackling mental health, equal gender access in sport and the cost-of-living crisis.

For the 2024 season, there are three categories of roles available to apply for:

o Chairperson & Vice-Chair

o Leadership Team
- Marketing Lead
- Events & Experience Lead
- Workforce Lead
- Sports Lead (Inclusion)
- Sports Lead (Underrepresented)
- Sports Lead (Impact)

o Team Members (applications opening 16th October)

Applications for Chairperson, Vice-Chair and Leadership Team close at 11:00am on Monday 2nd October. For more information, including how to apply please see the website here: https://londonyouthgames.org/about-the-london-youth-games/lyg33/

If you have any questions, please contact Ellie, ellie@londonyouthgames.org.