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The SCLP Induction & Fast Track Module has been designed to enable Social Coaches and Social Professionals with the right skills, experience and qualifications to progress to the appropriate qualification level of the Social Coach Leadership Programme.


This includes teachers, sport coaches, youth workers, volunteers, community members and others who have experience in engaging, equipping and empowering young people as they progress in life and overcome the challenges they face.

The aim is to provide a network of Social Coaches and Social Professionals who can efficiently and effectively re-engage young people in the Classroom, Playground and Beyond the School Gate post-Covid 19, with equality, diversity and inclusion in communities globally.

First you have to complete the Engagement Process.


When you have completed the Engagement Process you will be provided with an SCLP Induction & Fast Track Training Pack and provided with access to the Training - SCLP Induction & Fast Track page which includes training videos that can be accessed by clicking on the button at Step 5 in the Engagement or Training - SCLP Induction & Fast Track page button below.