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Group Albums

Group Albums


The Group Albums provides the Visual Archive for the work being delivered within Community Campuses and is therefore one of the most important areas of the Portal.


When Albums are uploaded to Groups the Album, along with a message will Appear in the Group Stream. The Albums Visibility can be for Public, Community and Group Members, we recommend making all Albums Public.


Do not upload any pictures of children and young without Parent/Guardian permission.


Please use the following instructions to Create Group Albums:


1. Go to the Group you would like to upload the Album to and Click on the Album Button in the group menu


Album Menu Button


2. In the Albums Area click on Create Album

Create Album


3. Basic Information and Access Permissions

3.1 Create an Album Title - we recommend the Activity Title

3.2 Check Group - this should be the group you creating the Album in

3.3 Check Visibility - we recommend Public

Create Album


4. Write an Activity Description in the Message area and then Click on + Add Images

Activity Description


4.1 Upload the Images you want to add to the Album

Upload Images


4.2 Click on Post when the Images have Uploaded



5. View you are Album in the Group Stream and Albums are

Albums Displayed